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It's more than interesting shore excursions... it's days spent exploring to your tastes and pace.

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Helping you to immerse fully in the culture and heritage of Europe’s ageless passageways, Scenic Freechoice offers a daily choice of fascinating visitor excursions — and all at no additional cost to you.  
Available in each and every destination on your itinerary, our Scenic Freechoice excursions have been carefully selected by our expert Journey Designers to introduce you to the wealth of cultural highlights littering the banks of Europe’s waterways.
Recognising that each of our guests have different requirements from their river cruise, we’ve tailored our Scenic Freechoice options, so there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed pace or you want to squeeze in as much as possible, Scenic Freechoice lets you enjoy a range of stimulating activities at a pace that suits you.

Distinct Discovery at Your Leisure

Marrying unforgettable cultural highlights with entertaining activities you’ll never forget, Scenic Freechoice provides the opportunity to explore many of Europe’s most treasured destinations and beauty spots. Each Freechoice option was selected for its diversity, affording you an extensive list of excursions in each destination. To help you decide which option is right for you, we have divided our selection of Freechoice excursions into the following categories:

Active — Perfect for those hoping to explore further afield, either via a bicycle ride or brisk hike.
Moderate — Excursions offered at a comfortable walking pace, perfect for discovering a beautiful city centre.
Relaxed — A slower pace for exploring museums, galleries or taking in a canal cruise

Discover Scenic Freechoice

Scenic's Freechoice programme gives you the flexibility to personalise your days ashore by choosing the excursions and activities to suit your taste. Explore our interati


Our Journey Designers have curated an extensive collection of Scenic Freechoice excursions for our Europe river cruises, helping you unearth the continent’s rich history and culture however you see fit. These special events occur daily, and because there’s always more than one option available, you have complete freedom of choice over how you spend your time on the river.

One day you could enjoy a guided bike ride along the River Danube, taking in the exceptional surrounds of the Wachau Valley, and the next, savour the unique coffee culture of Vienna during a special tour of the Austrian capital.

Choose to travel with us to the enigmatic lands of Eastern Europe, and a guided hike to Belogradchik Fortress reveals much about the history of the region, while a trip through the vineyard-strewn landscapes of the Rhône Valley in southern France provides boundless opportunities for wine tasting.

These are just a handful of the unique excursions you can expect, and they’re all included thanks to Scenic Freechoice.



With so much to see, do and discover across the Americas, Scenic Freechoice gives you the flexibility to personalise your days to suit you. Unique dining opportunities and daily excursions help you experience more of these cherished lands, so every minute of your journey is yours to spend how you wish – for complete immersion and unbridled adventure across the Americas.

Enjoy inspiring views from the summit of Sulphur Mountain via the Banff Gondola, soar above Whistler on an exclusive helicopter tour, uncover the Sacred Valley of the Incas on a guided hike through the ruins of Pisac, and savour an insightful Pisco tasting experience in Cuzco. From Alaska to Argentina, the Americas have much to offer the curious traveller, and you’ll enjoy a front-row seat at the heart of the action with Scenic Freechoice.


The Asia of your imagination is brought to life by our daily Scenic Freechoice excursions, each handpicked to shed light on the unique cultural traditions which exist in this diverse region. Do as little or as much as you like as you travel these ancient, storied lands; with Scenic Freechoice, you’re free to spend your time as you see fit – whether that means joining a guided cycle ride through a traditional Vietnamese farm, or unearthing the heritage of Cambodia’s temples and pagodas.

We appreciate that every one of our guests is different, and may want to spend their time differently to others. That’s why each of our Scenic Freechoice excursions in Asia is graded by intensity, so you enjoy total freedom of choice over how you spend your time. See the extraordinary sights of Siem Reap during a tethered balloon flight, enjoy an eye-opening tuk-tuk ride through Phnom Penh, marvel at the beauty of Tokyo’s Meiji Shrine, and discover the artisanal process of teamaking in Sri Lanka. With Scenic Freechoice, no two days of your journey are ever the same.

Visit Ta Prohm, Siem Reap, Cambodia