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Escorted Tours to Canada & Alaska

Destination Canada: Capturing Canada's Beauty

To truly capture Canada and Alaska’s unspoilt beauty, you have to explore these spectacular regions by land and sea. Each one of our Canadian and Alaskan touring holidays includes a remarkable seven-night cruise as well as comprehensive itineraries which take you to all the must-see sights and hidden gems that populate the cities and rural regions. 

We showcase Canada and Alaska’s natural allure by combining over 28 years’ touring experience with the finest hotels, most unforgettable experiences and expert, local insights. From beautiful British Columbia and the majestic Rocky Mountain ranges, to unpretentious Vancouver and the French-Colonial influences of Québec; there’s a medley of natural spectacles and manmade wonders to uncover on all of our comprehensive touring holidays. 

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Seductive, humbling and enthralling, the epic scale and beauty of Canada and Alaska has to be seen to be believed. Famous for its gigantic glaciers, monumental mountains and rugged terrain, Alaska’s astonishing natural beauty attracts adventurous spirits from all over the world. Equally striking are the expansive cityscapes of Vancouver and Montréal, each showcasing a breathtaking range of contemporary architecture and design. With such an incredible array of natural wonders to explore across land and sea, you’re sure to create vivid memories that will last a lifetime.

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At Scenic, we believe that there’s more to travel than the journey itself. Travel is about capturing the authenticity and spirit of the towns, cities and regions you’ll pass through. With this in mind, our Journey Designers are passionate about handpicking unique, once-in-a-lifetime events and activities that help our guests get a true feel for the culture of this magnificent land.

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Our tours are tailored to suit your needs, so you’re free to relax and enjoy your holiday at your pace. From tailored travel arrangements to get you to your destination in ultimate comfort, to personalised airport transfers and luxury coaches, our passion for luxury travel means we go above and beyond to ensure our guests experience the adventure of a lifetime.