South America Enrich Directory

Our Scenic Enrich experiences are all-inclusive and exclusive, having been carefully curated to take you behind the scenes for encounters that are simply inaccessible to the ordinary traveller, while still being included in the price you pay.
  • Farewell dinner with your Tour Director
    You’ll be invited to join your Tour Director and fellow guests for a farewell dinner at an esteemed closed-door restaurant. Dine on modern Argentine cuisine, complete with wine-pairing and an empanada-making class.
  • Private culinary experience
    During your time in Peru’s Sacred Valley, you’ll have an unforgettable private culinary experience, exclusive to Scenic guests. Try five different meats cooked five different ways, with locally grown ingredients, over an open flame. A traditional cooking method by the community of the small Peruvian town of Ollantaytambo, famed for its spectacular Incan fortress.
  • Visit a local school
    In Cuzco, you’ll visit a Scenic-supported school and meet with students and teachers, as you learn about their daily life.
  • Visit Estanoia
    Argentina, a country of beauty and tradition, is renowned for its delicious beef, rich wines, the tango and its folk hero, the gaucho. No visit to Argentina would be complete without the chance to visit a local Estancia. A delicious Asado BBQ awaits, complete with wines, and here you have the chance to try one of the local passions – polo.
  • Wine-tasting in Buenos Aires
    Buenos Aires provides the opportunity to experience the typical Porteña culture as you stop off at a local estancia for a wine-tasting with expert sommeliers, and a traditional Asada lunch. All before a polo class.