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Let us invite you to take the Scenic route through South Korea

The less explored East Asian destination of South Korea harbours incredible hidden jewels waiting to be discovered

Despite a difficult past, today South Korea is one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. Beyond its lively high-tech cities, the country is teeming with natural and manmade wonders, including volcanic craters, lava caves, picturesque waterfalls, ancient fortresses, and even dinosaur fossils.

With autumn turning its tree-lined boulevards into canary yellow dampung-gil (paths of autumn foliage), and spring enveloping the country in pink cherry blossoms, it is almost impossible to take a bad travel photograph in South Korea.

Extraordinary Experiences

Street food South Korea
We have carefully curated a series of unique and exclusive experiences that will make your time in South Korea truly unforgettable

Our Scenic Enrich experiences are all-inclusive and exclusive, having been selected to take you behind the scenes for encounters that are simply inaccessible to the ordinary traveller, while still being included in the price you pay. Our Scenic Freechoice daily excursions will enable you to explore the ancient villages around Gyeongju and modern Busan.

Here is a small selection of the Scenic Enrich and Scenic Freechoice activities that we feature in South Korea:

Scenic Enrich

South Korea

Immerse yourself in Korean culture at the Hyo Jae Cultural Hall where you can try on Hanbok, the traditional Korean dress, or try your hand at Bojagi, a traditional Korean wrapping cloth. Enjoy a meal of Bibimbap, a rice preparation with meat and vegetables, with your host Lee Hyo-Jae, known as Korea’s Martha Stewart.

Scenic Freechoice

Freechoice South Korea

Wander through Gamcheon Culture Village, once a poor mountainside community that has been transformed into an art hotspot. The area is known for its steep streets, twisting alleys, incredible art pieces, jaw-dropping views and brightly painted houses, which have been restored and enhanced in recent years. 


World Class Hotels & Special Stays

South Korea
At Scenic, we have handpicked all of the accommodation we feature to ensure that our guests experience the best hotels in the best locations. You will stay in remarkable properties that have been picked because they offer a unique experience that balances luxury, location and first-class facilities. We can safely say there’s nothing ordinary about any of these properties. What’s more, all of our Special Stays are included in the price of your itinerary.

5-star Luxury Inclusions

South Korea
With Scenic, the perks and privileges come included. Enjoy a full range of luxurious benefits that will enhance your experience throughout your journey.
  • Scenic Enrich
    Fully-inclusive, exclusive and unique, Scenic Enrich takes you behind-the-scenes to experience moments inaccessible to the ordinary traveller.
  • Scenic Freechoice
    Choose from a vast range of excursions and dining experiences to ensure you only see what you want to, at a pace that suits you.
  • Travel Tailored to You
    Enjoy complete peace-of-mind because all your travel is taken care of when you travel with Scenic.
  • World-Class Hotels
    Our hotels are selected for their location and character, to ensure your stay is truly reflective of the destination.