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To help you uncover where your next Scenic adventure could be, why not take a look at some of the favourite destinations and activities your fellow Scenic Club members have enjoyed in the past.

Music & Theatre

If you're a music lover enjoy some of Europe's most enchanting musical experiences on a Scenic river cruise.
  • Austria
    Or, let the ‘Best of The Sound of Music and Salzburg Show’ transport you to another time and place. Based on the timeless movie of the same name, this exclusive production is performed in the rolling hills of Salzburg and will wow you with its stage sets.
  • Germany
    Journey to the town of Oberammergau. In 1633 the residents of the town vowed that if they were spared from the bubonic plague sweeping the region, they would produce a play for all time depicting the life and death of Jesus. You will have the privilege of attending a performance of this epic play.
  • Austria
    Breathe in the opulence and luxury of Palais Liechtenstein while enjoying a glass of fine Austrian Sekt. Then be enthralled by an enchanting private Viennese evening concert featuring the timeless music of Strauss and Mozart. Even in elegant Vienna, Palais Liechtenstein is one of the grandest of all venues.
  • Hungary
    Immerse yourself in Budapest’s Imperial past by attending an exclusive private classical music concert at the majestic Gödöllõ Royal Palace, one of the favourite residences of Queen Elisabeth of Hungary. Breathe in the opulence and luxury of Palais Liechtenstein while enjoying a glass of fine Austrian Sekt.

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Bike & Walking Tours

Whether you want a relaxed pace or you want to fit in as much as possible, Scenic offers a diverse range of sightseeing activities on our Bike & Walking Tours.
  • Germany
    Embark on an enjoyable guided bike ride along the river from Melk to one of the most enchanting villages in the region, Dürnstein.
  • Vietnam
    Take a cyclo ride through the buzzing streets of Hanoi and discover the maze of back streets throughout the Old Quarter.
  • Netherlands
    Enjoy a tour of Veere in typical Dutch fashion explore the streets of Veere on bike with a local guide showing you the sights.
  • France
    Stroll through the Citadel of Blaye or take an active walk through the town. Alternatively, join a 30 kilometre roundtrip cycle along the Captain’s Road.

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Wine & Beverages

With visits to world-class vineyards and tours of historic wine estates coupled with an outstanding on board drinks and cocktail menu, whatever your tipple of choice, you'll be spoilt for choice on board any Scenic river cruise.
  • Portugal
    Enjoy a tasting at the fairytale property of Quinta Aveleda. Located in the famous Vino Verde region and a renowned regional sparkling wine producer, the incredible gardens alone make the excursion worthwhile.
  • Portugal
    Enjoy a full day cruising the Douro Valley’s Vinhateiro wine growing region. A World Heritage-listed Site, Vinhateiro has a history of wine production that stretches back for 2,000 years. In fact, its impeccable port wines have been world-famous since at least the 18th century.
  • France
    Journey to Mittelbergheim in the Alsace and sample some of the best wines the region has to offer.
  • France
    Celebrate the 2,000-year history of wine by enjoying a glass at the estate of Château de la Rivière. Surrounded by the vines, mingle with newfound friends, explore the spectacular property.


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Europe's Best-Loved Vineyards

Join us as we explore a handful of the continent’s prestigious wine regions in our full and complete guide to the glorious grapes of Europe.

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Discover sites of iconic history & heritage and enjoy exclusive access with Scenic to some of the most inspiring and thought-provoking experiences from around the globe. 
  • Myanmar
    From the riverfront, soak up the ambience of the river and the colonial feel of the town of Salay whilst enjoying traditional local Burmese tea and snacks in a restored colonial villa dating from 1906.
  • Portugal
    Tour the elegant town of Lamego, with its many fine Baroque structures such as the Sanctuary of Nossa Senhora dos Remédios and the Lamego museum. Or, enjoy a guided visit of Mateus Palace, the historic icon depicted on the labels of Portugal’s famous Mateus rosé wine.
  • Russia
    Visit the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics. Here you’ll have the opportunity to meet a real cosmonaut and learn about the history of space exploration, with original exhibits and models relating to space technology, history and art.
  • France
    Walk the historic Normandy beaches, the site of the D-Day landings, before visiting the Landing Museum at Arromanches. You’ll be struck by the sombre ambience surrounding the 9,387 graves of the Normandy Cemetery.


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Explore 3 Historic Palaces Along the Douro

To whet your appetite for a journey of historical discovery, we explore three historic sites you can experience during a luxury Scenic river cruise on the fabled Douro River.

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Scenic aims to take you on a gastronomic journey of the best-loved tastes and flavours from the countries you visit.  
  • France
    Shop with a Chef at a local food market in Bordeaux before cooking up a storm during your exclusive cooking lesson in Scenic Culinaire.
  • Portugal
    In Salamanca, celebrate Spanish culture with lunch showcasing the local cuisine while you enjoy a Flamenco dance performance.
  • Croatia
    Join a local family for a traditional home-cooked meal and the chance to discover what everyday life is really like in Croatia. With great food and wonderful company, this will be both a magnificent meal and a rare opportunity to meet with people who understand the local way of life intimately.
  • Cambodia
    Be wowed by a Scenic exclusive magical gala dinner at an Angkor temple, with included drinks and a show featuring Apsara dancers in front of candle lit temple ruins.

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Arts & Culture

Immersing you head-to-toe in the arts & culture, of the country you’re sailing through, Scenic  affords spectacular encounters far-removed from those enjoyed by the masses. These handpicked and exclusive excursions are unique to the Scenic luxury river cruise offering, and are available to you without charge thanks to our award winning all-inclusive service.
  • Austria
    Admire the opulence and luxury of Palais Liechtenstein while enjoying a glass of fine Austrian Sekt. Then sit enthralled during an enchanting private Viennese evening concert featuring the timeless music of Strauss and Mozart.
  • France
    After the doors close to the general public at Avignon’s prestigious Popes’ Palace, you’ll be invited in for an exclusive concert where virtuoso musicians perform Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi within this elegant 14th century palace.
  • Germany
    Partake in a magnificent medieval feast at Marksburgh Castle. You can also look forward to being entertained in the grand tradition of Europe’s great royal houses, with minstrels and colourful court jesters, there for your exclusive pleasure.
  • Russia
    In St Petersburg, you’ll be treated to a glass of sparkling wine, followed by a private Russian ballet concert at the majestic Palace of Prince Vladimir.

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