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What To Pack On A River Cruise

A helping hand packing your bag...

Squeezing a second pair of Louboutins into your suitcase may feel a personal victory, but packing for a Scenic river cruise requires more forethought than choosing which designer names will be accompanying you on your trip.

That’s not to say Christian and Coco aren’t welcome on a voyage. On the contrary, Scenic guests are free to wear what they wish during their time aboard, be it a chic LBD or your favourite hiking shoes.

Given your river cruise wardrobe depends on regional weather, however, it’s worth investing a little time and effort into packing for your upcoming cruise — be it in Europe or further afield.

Here we provide an ultimate guide on what to pack for your next luxury river cruise.

Shoes and Clothing


Above all other garments in your suitcase, shoes are perhaps the most important item you’ll need to pack. Indeed, the success of your river cruise hinges on your ability to pack a pair of shoes which are comfortable to walk in for long periods, so don’t take the decision lightly.

For sightseeing during the day, we’d recommend a flat, comfortable shoe robust enough to deal with the cobblestone pavements frequently found in Europe’s historic cities. If it’s hot, swap shoes for sandals to keep your feet cool.

For evenings, or when attending specific Enrich or Freechoice events, remember to pack your favourite heels — how many pairs is up to you.


Choosing which garments to carry on a cruise can be difficult, especially if you’re travelling in spring or autumn when the weather changes from destination to destination. To ensure a cold snap or downpour doesn’t hamper your trip, it’s a good idea to pack a mixture of both warm and cold weather clothing — but of course this depends on the time of year and the destination of your river cruise.

As with shoes, it’s a good idea to pack casual, comfortable wear for the day and a dress or two for formal evening occasions. Jeans, shorts or a skirt are comfortable sightseeing wear, while an elegant cocktail dress promises impact in the evenings.

We’d recommend carrying a warm pullover for chilly evenings, as well as adequate waterproofs in case of sudden downpours.

Toiletries and Beauty Accessories


While complimentary toiletries are included in your Space-Ship cabin, these may not be adequate for your daily beauty regime. Thankfully there are no restrictions regarding the toiletries you can bring aboard our Space-Ships, leaving you free to fill your toiletry bag with whatever products you require.

Amid cramming makeup and other beauty products into your suitcase, it can be easy to forget the bare essentials — like sun cream and medicines for example. While essential products like these are easy to find in major cities, it’s always handier to carry your own to avoid being side-tracked by trivialities during your trip.


Carrying your own beauty accessories can bring peace of mind, but be careful not to pack unnecessary items. Hair dryers are provided in all cabins, so there’s no need to bring your own, though you’ll need to pack other hair styling accessories if you use them. Travel irons are also unnecessary, as a complimentary laundry service is offered to all guests on board.

Gadgets, Accessories and Other Items


While a river cruise should bring an escape from reality, we understand some gadgets are difficult to leave at home. No matter which devices you carry, you’ll be able to charge them thanks to the number of 240V sockets located throughout your cabin.

One electronic device you’d be a fool to forget is your camera. Given the vast array of extraordinary, once-in-a-lifetime experiences you’ll encounter during your river cruise, you’ll want to capture every minute to show off to loved ones back home. Just remember to bring the charger, spare memory cards and plenty of batteries.


Carrying appropriate accessories, such as a backpack, handbag or expansive wallet, can streamline your trip and reduce the likelihood of forgetting essential items. A small bag is the ideal accompaniment to your main suitcase, ensuring you can carry a few handy items with you when you venture forth on a daytrip or excursion. Just make sure the bag you choose is waterproof and completely secure.

Other Items

While an unforgettable voyage is guaranteed when travelling with Scenic, we’d recommend carrying the following to make your time aboard the river cruise even more enjoyable:

  • Personal city guidebook and map
  • Books, magazine or personal entertainment
  • Translation books
  • Travel adapter (for plug sockets)
  • Local currency or credit/debit card

Ready to embark on a luxury Scenic river cruise? Visit our homepage to choose your perfect itinerary, or call us on 0808 301 7701 to speak to a member of our team. 



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