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Scenic Eclipse invites you to seek out what lies beyond the horizon, giving the discerning traveller a platform to discover the unique wonders of our beautiful world. The World’s First Discovery Yachts can take you anywhere, from the frozen seas of Antarctica to the colourful isles of the Americas, and all in absolute luxury, comfort, and safety.

Boundless discovery is our ethos, and Scenic Eclipse embodies this philosophy. Designed to access remote locations and small ports, the World’s First Discovery Yachts glides the world’s oceans with poise and grace, helping you discover far-flung locations inaccessible to larger vessels, for the ultimate adventure of a lifetime.

Go to places most will never see, and there experience the unforgettable. Antarctica, South Georgia, Patagonia, and the Arctic; Scenic Eclipse gives access to destinations that, until now, have remained beyond the imagination of the ordinary traveller. From close encounters with the penguin colonies of the Falklands to a soaring helicopter tour of the Chilean Fjords – cruising the world’s oceans has never felt like this.

Join us on board Scenic Eclipse, and discover a world where exploration and adventure is limitless. The ship is equipped with a fleet of exploratory vessels that add an extra dimension to your journey, allowing you to experience more of the world via helicopter, submarine, Zodiac, kayak, and e-bike.

To find out more about the unique world of Scenic Eclipse, here are three expertly crafted ocean cruises offering the very best in global discovery and exploration.

Ultimate Arctic

Journey to the land of the midnight sun, where fearsome polar bears prowl sweeping, snow-covered landscapes, narwhals emerge from icy blue depths, and towering glacial peaks crown otherworldly vistas. The Arctic promises the adventure of your wildest dreams, and the pioneering features of Scenic Eclipse mean you can explore this white wonder in absolute luxury.

Circumnavigate the Svalbard Archipelago in the peak of the Arctic summer, enjoying a wealth of carefully-crafted active discovery experiences. Negotiate the bays and ice flows of Spitsbergen via Zodiac, savouring close encounters with indigenous predators while watching the glacial waters for rippling suggestions of marine life below the surface – be it a blue whale or curious walrus.

Our Arctic ocean voyages benefit from a specialist Polar Discovery Team, comprising expert guides with an unparalleled knowledge of the region. With their help, you can look forward to the widest range of discovery excursions in the Arctic, including exclusive helicopter tours which showcase the exquisite fjords and glaciers from above, and submarine expeditions which afford unforgettable encounters with the marine life below.

At the start of your Arctic voyage, you’ll receive a complimentary expedition kit, including a parka, beanie hat and boots, so you can enjoy the many Scenic Freechoice Arctic excursions in safety and comfort.

Ultimate Antarctica

Journey to the end of the world and discover the great, white frontier of Antarctica. Over 16 days, you’ll journey south from Buenos Aires, calling at the last inhabitable point of the Americas before venturing into the wild, beautiful, and untouched realm of the Southern Ocean, and onward to the fringes of Earth’s frozen continent.

Scenic Eclipse invites you to fulfil your long-held dream of following the footsteps of the world’s great adventurers, into the frozen heart of Antarctica. Cruising safely through the deep coastal waters of Antarctica, you’ll enjoy a raft of Scenic Freechoice discovery excursions, each overseen by a member of our specialist Polar Discovery Team – there to help you get the most from every unforgettable encounter.

For five spectacular days, you’ll adventure at the end of the world, enjoying active discovery experiences designed to bring you closer to the natural wonders and pristine wildlife of the region. Travel glacial waters by Zodiac or kayak in search of elusive marine life. Snowshoe across tundra and ice fields to greet friendly penguin colonies. Dip beneath the waves via submarine to discover an enchanting world rarely seen by man. Or soar above the sparkling terrain on a helicopter tour, for views you’ll simply never forget.

Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands

Discover a world others can only dream of on our Antarctica, South Georgia & Falkland Islands ocean cruise. Over 25 unforgettable days, you’ll slip beyond the limits of the map, exploring polar lands of enriching natural beauty. From the southernmost point of South America, travel south beyond the horizon, and participate in an exclusive collection of active discovery experiences that showcase Antarctica in all its splendour – from Zodiac cruising and kayaking, to a guided hike across sweeping ice fields.

With guidance from our specialist Polar Discovery Team, you’ll enjoy close encounters with native rockhopper penguins and spot marine giants during an exhilarating whale-watching tour. The Captain and Discovery Team will carefully plan each day’s activities based on the conditions, so you can enjoy the widest range of discovery excursions in the polar regions – taking to the skies to savour spectacular views by helicopter, or plunging below the icy depths for marine encounters few others will ever witness.

After five days exploring the Antarctic Peninsula, Scenic Eclipse will cruise to South Georgia and the Falklands. The rich biodiversity of life on these windswept islands means there’s always something new to discover, from South Georgia’s 500,000-strong colony of majestic King penguins to the unforgettable wildlife encounters of the Falklands’ Gypsy Cove.

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