135-year-old restaurant in Bucharest still welcomes thousands of visitors daily

Caru’ cu Bere, which means the Beer Cart, is also a popular tourist attraction due to its grand age of 135 years and attractive building front. The restaurant has a rich history behind it, and was established in 1879 by Transylvanian Merchants, the Mircea family. However, in 1949, the Caru’ cu Bere was seized by the communist regime for more than 50 years, but was finally returned to the founder’s great grandchildren in 1999.

Attracts over 1000 tourists every day

Attracting more than 1000 foreign tourists a day, which make up more than 40% of its customers, the restaurant is also well renowned for the traditional Romanian food that it serves. Those visiting Bucharest on cultural European river cruises can try some of the fantastic local cuisine on offer, while enjoying the great value prices that the restaurant boasts. The restaurant manager claimed that the bills of tourists averaged just €20, and those visiting were often interested in the history of the building, as well as the local traditions and cuisine.

Popular dishes on the menu it prides itself for, include the mici, ciorba de burta and ciorba de perisoare, with a variety of Romanian beers also favoured by visitors, including those on luxury cruises with Scenic Tours. Romanian cuisine is renowned for its unique character, which has been influenced by the country’s neighbours, such as Germans, Serbs, Bulgarians and Hungarians.

Since receiving a €1 million renovation, the restaurant hosts seven rooms across two upper floors, with fantastic ornate décor throughout. Owned by the City Grill chain, Caru’ cu Bere welcomes a quarter of the chain’s clients a day, showing the popular demand for this wonderful restaurant. Work on the upper floors and the façade of the building will continue until 2015, in order to improve the restaurant even further.

Image Credit: Joe Mabel (Flickr.com)

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