River Volga receives Official Tourism Support

Russian officials responsible for tourism have realised that the country’s waterways are the perfect way for visitors to enjoy their country, and wish to improve and expand the infrastructure that is already in place so that a Russian river cruise is even more impressive and enjoyable. Some of the suggested changes include establishing more spots on the river banks that holidaymakers could disembark from their ships and visit, embarking on extensive projects to improve waterways to allow large cruise ships to reach more destinations, and rejuvenating some of the areas that used to be among the most popular for river cruises. The Volga is one of the rivers that authorities are looking at, and one that we at Scenic Tours already travel along part of. The plans range from floating fuelling platforms, which would allow cruise ships to refuel more efficiently and cover greater distances in the same time, to renewing older wharves and building new attractions along the river banks. Image Credit: Emilo 13