Scenic Jewel prepares for its maiden voyage

The European river cruises offered by Scenic Tours have enjoyed a huge increase in demand over the last few years; according to Managing Director Glen Moroney, 2011 was the company’s most successful twelve months to date in terms of these trips, and 2012 is set to be even better. This surge in popularity has now led to the commissioning of a seventh ‘Space-Ship’ that will service the Scenic Tours routes on the Rhine, Danube and Main rivers from Amsterdam to Budapest from next year onwards. Known as the Scenic Jewel, this newest ship will join others such as the Scenic Crystal and Scenic Emerald, adding to what is widely regarded as the very best cruise fleet in Europe. Although the existing ‘Space-Ships’ have been enjoying great reviews thanks to features like exclusive, all-weather sun lounges, the Scenic Jewel promises to be more innovative than any of the other vessels, thanks in part to the introduction of a ‘silent drive’ system which will see the Jewel cruise through the water with unbelievable smoothness and quietness. Image Credit: cod_gabriel