Scenic Tours launch new GPS tour system

The launch of the Scenic Tours Europe River Cruising Program for 2013 has brought with it a unique innovation – a GPS system which will allow guests to take walking and cycling tours around some of the continent’s best locations at their own pace. Known as ‘Scenic Tailormade’, the device will quite literally put the holiday experience of Scenic Tours guests into their own hands, encouraging those attending to put their own interests first. Depending on what local features people taking the cruise would most like to discover – whether it be the history, culture, architecture, food or wine of their destination – they will be able to spend more time doing what they really want than might have been expected. The option to take part in a guided tour will still be available, of course, and guests could even choose to enjoy both kinds of exploration if they wish. For more details about the fantastic river cruises in Europe available now and next year from Scenic Tours, simply click onto our website and start planning your luxury break today. Image Credit: Stfan Kuhn (Example GPS Receivers)