Sterling hits 3.5 Year high against Euro

There’s good news for anybody planning a trip to Europe this summer, including those who are interested in our river cruises in Europe, as the pound sterling is enjoying a three and a half year high against the euro. This means that currency exchanges have increased the number of euros you’ll get for your pounds and that your money will go further during your trip. Further increases in the exchange rate are also on the horizon, and it’s expected to continue climbing through the summer. All of this means that 2012 is set to be a good year to take a European holiday, and this may continue into 2013. In the future, the pound may return to its pre-2008 levels against the euro, allowing for even cheaper holidays to be taken. Until that time, increases like this are welcome news to British holidaymakers, and we encourage you to take advantage of it. Image Credit: Hristo Hristov