The Rhine – Even More Historic than Before

A trip down the Rhine is a trip through history. From the Roman Empire to modern day Europe, this river has been an important geographical feature to group after group, city after city, and civilisation after civilisation. The marks of history are there for all to see, and our European river cruises give you plenty of opportunities to absorb them. However, it seems that the river may be even older than anybody had guessed, with fossils discovered in its basin dating back five million years further than was previously thought. It had been assumed that the Rhine was around ten million years old, and had carved out its route and resulting basin in that time, but this new discovery means that it has been a feature in Europe for even longer than we originally thought. Enjoying a luxury cruise down this river is not only relaxing, but also a great way to experience different cultures and history, and discoveries like this only add to its already impressive stature. Image courtesy of Sonia Marotta (Wikipedia)