Amsterdam – A City for the Sophisticated Beer Drinker

Amsterdam is already known to many people around the world as having produced some top-quality beers, but it’s the mainstream lagers that most have heard of. For those looking for a little more sophistication in their drinks, however, a day in Amsterdam has plenty to offer. As with many countries, the Netherlands is home to numerous micro-breweries, and Belgium, just to the south, has an even richer variety. Amsterdam, though, is the place to head if you want to sample as wide a range of them as possible. A recent article in a Canadian newspaper highlighted four of the best attractions for beer connoisseurs, perfect to visit during a day in the city on one of our European river cruises: The Cracked Kettle stocks over five hundred varieties of beer, though it’s a shop, not a bar, and any sampling will have to be done off the premises. Across the street from the Kettle is Cafe Gollem, where close to two hundred beers are available to try. Cafe t’Arendsnest stocks only Dutch brands from breweries across the country, but still boasts around one hundred different beers. Finally, IJ Brewery offers a tour where you can sample ten organic beers made there, and even has its own windmill. There’s a lot on offer in Amsterdam, whether you want to discover art, history, beautiful scenery, or beer-tasting. It’s a city with something for everyone, which is why it’s the perfect stop on a luxury river cruise. Image Credit: Moyan Brenn