Australians choose to enjoy domestic delights

Research by a leading online travel agent has revealed that the people of Australia are shunning overseas trips in 2012 and opting to stay at home instead. According to the recently collected data, the vast majority of Australian holidaymakers this year have decided that they are happy to enjoy domestic trips, rather than travel to foreign climes for their getaways. A spokesman from the company who carried out the study said that the country is so consistently popular with both overseas and native travellers because it has something to offer everyone at all times of the year, from a vibrant nightlife to amazing beaches. Unsurprisingly, Melbourne and Sydney were listed as two of the most popular locations for people to visit, which goes hand in hand with the general opinion of non-Australians that they are amongst the most glamorous and fascinating places in the whole world. With our Australia tours visiting both of the spectacular cities mentioned above, as well as some of the nation’s most stunning areas of natural beauty, this impressive country is certainly well worth considering when deciding on your next overseas expedition. Image credit: Reinis Traidas (