Australia’s 28,000 year-old Aboriginal Art Uncovered

A visit to Australia will naturally involve learning about its fascinating history, namely that of the native aborigines. In recent news, however, the world is gaining even greater respect for these peoples after the dating of a piece of rock art. Last June, in the south west of Australia, archaeologists discovered a beautiful piece of rock art, yet at that time they had no idea of the enormity of their discovery. Scientists have now used carbon-dating to date the piece of charcoal rock art as being 28,000 years old; the oldest confirmed piece of art in Australia’s history. Australian aborigines have established themselves as some of the most advanced people of their time; this discovery is one of the earliest examples of human artistic effort and can be ranked alongside Spain’s famous El Castillo caves. This recent discovery highlights how fascinating learning about the history of Australia can be, so one of our Australia tours, which include great cultural experiences, could be exactly what you’re looking for. Image credit: shawnrossi (