Austria Secures its Sausage Rights

There were fears on the streets of Austria recently that one of Vienna’s best-loved features would have to make a change to their menu. The famous sausage stands found throughout the city have been selling their kaesekrainer, a particular type of sausage that also contains pieces of cheese, since the 1980s, but Slovenia is now pushing to have the krainer receive Protected Geographical Indication Status from the EU. This would mean that only the sausages made in a particular part of Slovenia could use the name krainer, and the Viennese sausage stands wouldn’t be able to sell their beloved kaesekrainers under that name. However, Austria and Slovenia have now come to an agreement that the Protected Geographical Indication Status will not apply to the Kaesekrainer, so you can still enjoy a tasty cheese-sausage next time you stop off in Vienna on one of our river cruises in Europe. Image Credit: bestbib&tucker (