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Bamburg - Franconia’s answer to Rome

Bamberg, a quaint town situated close to the River Regnitz, is said to be Franconia’s (East Germany’s) answer to Rome and, more importantly, is an unforgettable experience when on a river cruise in Europe. This city embodies thousands of years of culture while still remaining youthful and vibrant at heart. There is a wonderful ambiance when wandering about the old town that circles the cathedral square and further afield, on top of Mount St. Micheal, you can experience some breath-taking panoramic views. There are several eateries sprinkled about the town as well as nine breweries within its boundaries, producing a grand total of 50 different beers all willing to quench your thirst. A Scenic Tours river cruise is a brilliant way to experience everything on offer when travelling through Europe, and each trip will provide you with the luxury and comfort that every traveller deserves. Image Credit: Destination Europe