Belgium Holidays Praised in UK Newspaper

Belgium is a popular destination included in European river cruises this summer. A recent article in the Yorkshire post highlighted the best bits of a holiday in Belgium, which is one of the places you can visit on a cruise with us. Belgium is teeming with fantastic cuisine, fascinating culture and a far-reaching history. Bruges in particular is a very popular destination in Belgium. The capital of the West Flanders province in the Flemish region of Belgium still has the majority of its medieval architecture intact, and it’s a stunning place to get out and about in. You can explore the windmills, dykes and forts around the area as well, and feel as if you have been transported back in time to a fairytale kingdom. Other beautiful sights include the museums, churches and old streets. Indulging in the world famous food and drink is a must! There are thousands of confectionary & waffle shops tempting you at every turn! Book a tour with us now and visit Belgium in all its glory.