Bike website praises German cycling breaks

One of the world’s most popular bike magazines has highlighted Germany as a great place to enjoy cycling. A feature article on BikeRadar has focused on the European country being hugely underrated in terms of its ability to provide people with a quality biking experience, and makes light of the popular assumption that its trails are too busy and overrun with visitors. This, it says, it definitely not the case, with the nation offering anyone who decides to travel there a tranquil and fulfilling experience. The piece is also quick to praise Germany’s culinary delights, with its ‘classic’ menu supplying people with the perfect refreshment after a long day’s exercise. Our river cruises in Europe allow guests to discover the delights of a number of German and other continental locations on bike through both guided and self-guided tours, so you can make the most of what is now considered very much an up-and-coming destination for all kinds of cycling enthusiasts. Image credit: Tejvan Pettinger (