Budapest, Possibly the Friendliest City in Europe

Budapest, the “Queen of the Danube”, is the capital city of Hungary and is the country’s principle location for culture. On top of that, if what many visitors to the city are reporting is true, it could boast the most charming and helpful population in Europe, with citizens who are extremely proud of what this ancient city has to offer it visitors and want to make sure they see the best of it. There are many attractions in Budapest for those on a European river cruise to choose from. If you are interested in religion, architecture or just like beautiful buildings, the Donhany street Synagogue will be right up your street. This amazing structure is the second largest synagogue in the world and seats a staggering 3000 people. If you want fresh air in your lungs and some picturesque scenery then visit the City Park. The greenery covers 302 acres and is nuzzled behind Heroes Square. When looking for a nibble to eat look no further than Vaci Street, which features a large number of restaurants all serving delicious food. These are just some of the many attractions that Budapest has to offer; to see them all book a cruise with Scenic Tours. Image credit : mdid