Celebrities enjoy tour of New Zealand

New Zealand looks set to enjoy a tourism boost after some celebrities from Taiwan have been endlessly praising the country after their recent visit. Television news anchor HaiYin Chen, and her widely respected architect husband, Lienchuan Yu, decided to investigate New Zealand tours for their latest holiday, opting for an 8-day tour that took them all over the country. The couple have only had good things to say about their time spent in New Zealand, commenting on the beautiful landscapes they saw during their stay. They visited sites of interest in Auckland, the central North Island and lower South Island, allowing them to get a real taste of what New Zealand has to offer. Whilst there, Chen and her husband were thoroughly entertained by a sky dive, a boat trip and a tour of some local wines, to name but a few. With it currently being winter in New Zealand, the successful trip of the two celebrities demonstrates that New Zealand is great to visit at any time of the year, and a tour in particular is worth doing to get a real flavour of the country. Image credit: lanz (flickr.com)