Cologne – Germany’s Greenest City

Anybody who has visited Cologne before will be aware of what a magnificent city it is, and, if you’re visiting for the first time as part of one of our Europe river cruises, you’re in for a real treat. What’s most striking about Cologne is how much green space it has. London is often praised for the amount of parkland in the city, but it doesn’t compare to Cologne, where more than 25% of the city is given over to green spaces. From the park or the shores around the city’s bathing lakes, the skyline is a beautiful sight. There are plenty of old buildings which create a picturesque landscape, but the cathedral is easily the most impressive building. Its construction began in 1248, but it wasn’t until 1880 that it was finally completed. With a walking tour as one of the activities you can take part in during our stop in Cologne, you’ll have a great opportunity to see some of what this wonderful city has to offer. Image Credit:Luca Sartoni