Croatia receives boost in European Travellers

Croatia may not have received much attention from European travellers in the past, as it was always dwarfed by Italy, France and Spain, the three big continental holiday destinations. In recent years, however, more and more visitors have been discovering that Croatia offers something very different that can’t be found elsewhere in Europe. With its well-developed tourism sector but conversely low costs, Croatia has a lot going for it, and the beautiful scenery and landscapes, relatively undiscovered by many holidaymakers, provide something new and interesting without having to leave Europe. Croatia is one of the countries through which some of our European river cruises travel, and experiencing it whilst being able to return to our incredible ship each evening is a great way to discover everything it has to offer whilst benefitting from the luxury and comfort we can provide. Take a look at our cruises and get in touch with us today. Image Credit: anka @ happyhangaround