Croatia’s tourism sector brings jobs

Croatia has benefited from an employment boost after finding that more than 60% of new employees in the first five months of the year were in the tourism sector. This rise in employment is in order to meet tourist demands as Croatia is proving to be an increasingly popular destination in Europe. A total of 61.2% of new jobs were attributed to the tourism sector, which is a rise of 13.7% in comparison to last year’s figures. Croatia’s tourism minister has stated that these figures indicate a great deal of interest in the European country as a holiday destination, and that a thriving economy is to be found in tourism. Croatia is ranked the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world so this popularity marks a trend that is set to continue. Croatia is a great destination to enjoy as part of European river cruises, with many interesting historical sights and stunning architecture to view as part of a journey down the Danube. Croatia is just one of the stops that can be found on our cruises, so take a look at our various itineraries to see what other amazing destinations are available. Image credit: Modzzak (