Dining Experiences in Cologne

The city of Cologne is a fantastic destination for any lover of food. The range and variety of cuisine available throughout its restaurants is enough to take in the full breadth and depth of the region’s culinary tastes, so all you have to decide is where to eat. Regardless of whether you opt for traditional, old-fashioned, local dishes or one of the more stylish and modern offerings, you’ll always be able to find one item on the menu that remains the same: Kölsch, Cologne’s famous locally-brewed beer. It has been served to everyone, from U.S. presidents to the local workers centuries ago. If you want to try Kölsch or any of the other German dining experience available in Cologne, then you’ll be happy to hear that many of our European river cruises stop in the city, allowing you the chance to discover everything that this wonderful destination has on offer. Image credit: uberzombie (flickr.com)