Discover beautiful church architecture in Lyon

The French city of Lyon is known as being one of the country’s best gastronomic destinations, but it is also receiving recognition from fans of classic architecture for the quality of its ancient religious buildings. One of the most noteworthy attractions of this kind is the Basilica Notre-Dame de Fourviere, which anyone planning a visit to could be forgiven for thinking at first glance that it was a magnificent castle. Recognised as offering perhaps the best view over Lyon that it is possible to find, the church’s opulent decoration, marble statues and sweeping staircases make this amongst the most glamorous spiritual monuments in all of France. Similarly, St. Jean Cathedral displays an elegant mixture of both Gothic and Roman architecture, owing to the fact that its construction began in the 12th century and was not completed until sometime in the 1400s. Lyon is one of the many fantastic destinations that our European river cruises take passengers to every year, with other charming and popular locations, including Amsterdam and Cologne, also ready to explore. Image credit: Keith Laverack (