Germany’s riverbanks impress journalist

The Chicago Tribune, one of the biggest newspapers in the USA, has recently recommended that travellers who enjoy discovering the history behind their holiday destinations go to the river Rhine in Germany. The river is one of Europe’s greatest watercourses but the travel writer claimed that the section from Mainz to Koblenz in Germany was one of the most fascinating and beautiful parts of European river cruises. Along the waterway, visitors enjoyed spectacular views of castles, vineyards and the stone spires of churches. These features occur along landscapes almost untouched by heavy modern urbanisation; instead, river cruisers are greeted by green and leafy hillsides and the travel writer commends the old-fashioned romance that the river has managed to retain. A clear highlight to his cruise was gliding alongside the breath-taking cliffs of the Rhine whilst hearing dramatic stories behind some of the castles’ previous residents. The reviewer from the Chicago Tribune praises cruises along the Rhine as the best way to experience it and we couldn’t agree more. Our river cruises along the Rhine provide a luxury way in which to see this fantastic landscape, check out our website for more details and a full itinerary. Image credit: roger4336 (