Glacier’s Changing Nature Keeps Holiday Makers on Toes

One of the best things about visiting a glacier during your holiday is that only you and a small group of others will see the same sights you do. Because of the way glaciers are in a constant state of change, with ice grinding against stone and sliding off other pieces, no two trips to a glacier will be quite the same. Our New Zealand tours give you the opportunity to visit the Franz Josef Glacier, which recently demonstrated what these incredible natural features are capable of. For years, there was one hiking path which was perfect for a trek through the glacier to see some of its best sights. However, the shifting of the ice has now closed that path, and more and more tour groups are heading off in helicopters if they want to reach the best hiking routes. Of course, regardless of which paths open and close, the glacier will always be amazing to look at, and we’re sure you’ll find it a fantastic part of your holiday with us. Image Credit: edwin.11 (