Mirror article highlights Amsterdam attractions

A Daily Mirror article has highlighted some of the many great attractions that are available for visitors to explore in the charming Dutch capital of Amsterdam. Travel writer Karen Rockett spoke about the brilliant holiday she enjoyed in the city with her two daughters, which included trips to three renowned museums dedicated to Anne Frank and her family, Vincent van Gogh and, last but not least, the world’s most beautiful diamonds. Rockett was quick to praise Amsterdam’s culinary delights, too, with its pancake bakeries coming in for a special mention. The Mirror columnist was also impressed with the friendliness of all the local people she and her family spoke to, as well as the laid-back atmosphere which greeted them wherever they went in the city. With river cruises in Europe providing adventurous travellers with the opportunity to discover some of the continent’s best cities in style, the time has never been better to get away on a luxurious continental trip. Image credit: Moyan Brenn (flickr.com)