Most long holidays taken by over-55s

A new study by a leading holiday company and the Mintel Research Consultancy has found that most modern ‘globetrotters’ are over the age of 55. The survey came to the conclusion that holiday trends have changed significantly in recent years, with older travellers now making up the bulk of those who decide to take breaks lasting more than just a couple of weeks. The report also revealed that older people are generally much more technologically minded than is perhaps sometimes thought, with two-thirds of over-55s now booking every aspect of their holiday online. Interestingly, this is an even higher rate than can be found amongst those under 45, who take to the internet to arrange 57 per cent of their trips. With our New Zealand tours and luxury cruises taking people of all ages to many different destinations each and every year, it’s no wonder that these longer trips are proving increasingly popular. Image credit: Petras Gagilas (