New Zealand ranks high in happiness index

The New Economics Foundation’s Happy Planet Index has revealed that the island nation of New Zealand is one of the most cheerful places on earth. The results of this far-reaching and ambitious project were arrived at after analysing responses to a Gallup World Poll which asked a cross-section of residents in every country of the world to rate how happy they were with various aspects of their homeland from one to ten. The foundation then also made use of existing data concerning ecological footprints and life expectancy to complete what they believe is a fairly accurate picture of a nation’s level of contentment. This revealing survey also factored in what the organisation behind it thought life would be like in the future of the countries in question. With our New Zealand tours introducing you to the very best of what the country’s fabulous cities and striking countryside has to offer, there’s no reason to delay signing up for your luxury cruise to what is officially one of the world’s happiest destinations. Image credit: Benedict Adam (