New Zealand set for tourism boost from the Hobbit movie

New Zealand tourism is set for a boost, thanks to Hollywood director Peter Jackson. Jackson, who’s forthcoming blockbuster The Hobbit was filmed in New Zealand, has leant his skills by directing a feature on tourism in the country – and it is set to feature on The Hobbit DVD /Bluray release. The film premiers in New Zealand in November, and Tourism New Zealand were keen to capitalise on this. Research has already shown the impact on tourism that the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) trilogy had on New Zealand after it was filmed there - 6% of international arrivals in 2004 can be accredited to LOTR’s presence. The Hobbit DVD is released in mid 2013 and, as anticipated with the film, is expected to be a big seller. The Tourism New Zealand feature aims encourage Hobbit fans into visiting the country, so people thinking of going on New Zealand tours may want to pick up the DVD next year. Image Credit: Rob Chandler