Newspaper Publishes List of Australian Oddities

Have you ever visited somewhere and overheard a local idiom and had no idea what it could mean, or seen something taking place which everybody but you appears to find utterly normal? Help is now at hand as The Age, a daily newspaper in Melbourne, has published a list of Australian-specific oddities that holidaymakers might notice on Australia tours. What many people find most noticeable is the Australian slang; there’s just so much of it! From the constant shortening of everyday words and names to seemingly esoteric phrases that actually refer to normal happenings, Australia certainly has a wonderful take on English. Another surprise for visitors might be when Australians start complaining about the cold when temperatures drop below 20ºC, temperatures which are considered beach-weather in the UK! The full article is available online at The Age’s website, so you can find plenty more examples there to help you get ready for your holiday to this brilliant country. Image Credit: brewbooks (