Newspaper talks up diverse Sydney holidays

The New Straits Times, Malaysia’s oldest newspaper, has published a highly complimentary article about the experiences that can be had by holidaying in Sydney. The article, appropriately entitled ‘The fun never stops’, starts by praising the diversity of Australia as a whole, but goes on to focus on Sydney, the nation’s most populous city, and the huge range of attractions that it holds. The Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge are, unsurprisingly, singled out for the fact that they are two of the most spectacular architectural structures in the world, but the piece also pays tribute to the city’s excellent restaurants, artistic entertainment, stunning beaches, and much more. The writer Shuib Taib does, however, also encourage his readers to be sure to venture out of Sydney when visiting Australia, too, and explore some of its extraordinary natural habitats and the wildlife found there. Our Australia tours take in not only the city of Sydney but many of the country’s other most fascinating destinations as well, so take a look at the different luxury cruises we offer today. Image credit: Jimmy Harris (