Older travellers taking more holidays

Research carried out by officials at London’s Gatwick Airport has revealed that more people in their later years are taking foreign holidays than ever before. The report also indicated that a majority of holidaymakers over the age of 85 who can be classified as Overseas Adventure Travellers (OTA) are now taking more frequent getaways than in their younger years. The survey brought with it some interesting results - among them the statistic that no less than 88 per cent of older travellers often take three full-length holidays in a year. River cruises in Europe emerged well from the study of 1000 people, with over a quarter of respondents stating that exploring waterways in luxury is their preferred way of spending an overseas holiday. Discussing the results, head of terminal operations at Gatwick Paul Fitch said that the findings showed people of retirement age are becoming ever more confident when it comes to taking trips abroad.