Online venture marks tourism boom in Australia

Tourism Australia has teamed up with tourism giant Trip Advisor to help internet users searching for great Australia Tours to find the perfect holiday. As this is the first time that Trip Advisor have featured a partner in their drop down menu, so this marks a momentous achievement for the tourism sector in Australia. Trip Advisor have created a fully interactive Trip Planner which further allows users to share itineraries and other travel related ideas with friends on various social-networking sites. This development reflects the growing interest in travelling to Australia, particularly encouraging people to expand their horizons by travelling around different parts of the country. Perth, Uluru, Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef are some of Australia’s most interesting places and are all highlights in some of our tour itineraries, and with Tourism Australia and Trip Advisor’s latest venture hailing a new era for tourism, now is a great time to start planning your journey. Image credit: Robert Nyman (