Praise keeps Pouring on Melbourne

Melbourne has been rated in the top 10 on AskMen’s Top 29 Cities. The top 10 included London, Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro and Washington DC. AskMen recommend readers travel Australia to the city of Melbourne, praising the city’s culture, the coffee available and describing it as a place with “understated charm”. Melbourne offers many sporting attractions such as the AFL, Grand Prix, Australian Open, Boxing Day Test Cricket and Melbourne Cup, so it can be a hit with anybody interested in big sports events. The city seems to be on a roll, having obtained a series of positive reviews over the past year. Not only has it received this praise from AskMen, it was also crowned Australia’s best city by Australian Traveller, a magazine focussing on the country, and was named by the Economist as the best city in the world to live in. If you want to discover Melbourne for yourself, then our Australia tours can take you there. Image courtesy of Teknorat