Scenic Tours Rhine cruise reviewed by Telegraph

An article on the Travel section of the Daily Telegraph’s website has sung the praises of the Rhine river trips currently available from Scenic Tours. Respected travel journalist Adrian Bridge was given the chance to travel on the maiden voyage of the group’s new Scenic Crystal ship which, judging by his glowing review, he certainly seemed to enjoy. Bridge’s write-up was complimentary of both the beautiful scenery that accompanied his cruise and the extensive facilities and excellent accommodation that greeted him on-board; the vessel’s innovative, weather-proof, glass-fronted private external areas were singled out for commendation, as were the various excursions which formed the basis of the cruise’s stop-offs along the way to its final destination of Basle in Switzerland. Perhaps the writer’s strongest praise, however, was reserved for the very ethos and reputation of the company he was travelling with, noting that Scenic Tours has ‘for five years consistently raised the bar in terms of what is possible on the river’. There are a number of high quality European river cruises offered by Scenic Tours, with the majestic Rhine being just one of the many places that our valued customers will be able to explore in style and luxury. Image credit: John S (