Serbia Demonstrates Europe’s Ancient Landscapes

If you are interested in taking one of the many river cruises in Europe this summer, why not take an Eastern European tour that includes Serbia? Kostolac, located on the Danube River, is a small Serbian town with a population of just 9000. The town has a fascinating landscape, and just last week, archaeologists unearthed an extraordinarily rare mammoth field in a coal mine. 5 mammoths have been discovered here dating back tens of thousands of years to the ice age. Discoveries like this really highlight that the landscapes you travel through on our river cruises are truly ancient. The Danube has been one of the most important rivers in Europe throughout history, and rivers were the best means of travel and trade long before major overland routes were constructed. Recapture the incredible history of a region by seeing it on one of our river cruises. Image Credit: mgarrigap (