Ski Season Is Over but Austria Is Still Open For Business

Winter is over and Austria’s Ski season has finally fizzled out but there is still plenty to be discovered, so be ready for a pleasant surprise! Vienna is Austria’s capital, its largest city and a wonderful place to visit when on a river cruise in Europe. From its glorious architecture to the many events that occur throughout the year there are numerous things that will beckon you to visit. St Stephen’s Cathedral is without doubt one of the most remarkable buildings in Vienna’s city centre. Its Imposing gothic towers will catch your eye across the city and it is home a wealth of treasures, some of which can only be viewed during a guided tour. If you do get a chance, make sure to catch musical show. Vienna is arguably the world’s capital for music, and its concert halls cater for a wide range of musical tastes. Booking a holiday with Scenic Tours will provide you with a great opportunity to see what other treats this city has to offer. Image Credit : Luca.Sartoni