Sterling Goes Further in Budapest

There’s been a lot of good news in recent weeks for UK holidaymakers looking to head abroad, and the Hungarian forint is one of the latest currencies to provide a great conversion rate, providing 20.8% more forints to the pound than last year. With both of our European river cruises ending in Budapest, this means your money will go further during your time in this amazing city. This information is once again from the Post Office Travel Money’s Holiday Report, and it’s on top of the figures already released that demonstrate the pound is stronger against the euro as well. This all adds up, providing you with much greater spending power on your trip with us, as our cruises also travel through Germany, Austria and Netherlands, which all use the euro. Of course, our luxury cruises provide you with brilliant holidays year after year, but knowing that your money goes that bit further in each destination is a great way to enjoy your trip even more. Image credit: Metro Centric