Summer booking period looks strong for travel abroad

A report has shown that summer travel searches have increased by 34% year on year for April 2012. Even with the distractions of a poor financial climate and the Olympics, holidaymakers appear to be sticking to their guns and choosing to go abroad during the summer. It is thought that family holidays make up a majority of these searches, due to them having to plan holidays up to 3 months in advance. As well as this, holidaymakers are believed to still see the need for a summer holiday as a necessity. Popular holiday destinations this year include Ibiza, Turkey, Egypt and Croatia, with cruises and beach holidays in these locations being booked earlier than ever. It’s believed this is down to holidaymakers being affected by the recession, so are looking to book in advance for a saving. With this in mind, why not book a 2012 luxury river cruise in Europe or and explore some of the fantastic locations now? Image credit: Shao