Tourism to New Zealand Increases by 4%

New Zealand tourism has seen a 4% increase this year in comparison last year. Tourism New Zealand say while the signs are good, more work needs to be done to encourage people to stay for longer and spend more while they're here by, for example, increasing and improving the tours available. We already have a selection of New Zealand tours available, typically starting in Christchurch and ending in Auckland. New Zealand has a colourful assortment of culture and nature. Colonial influences have integrated with a Maori heritage that remains very prevalent, particularly in Rotorua. Visitors are regularly enthralled by the Maori show at Tamaki Village, while the Rotorua Museum and Maori Arts Institute bring people into the heart of 1,000 years of Maori tradition. The incredible landscapes you can find in New Zealand allow you to see some of the world’s most amazing geography packed in to one country. Hot springs, geysers, volcanos, snow-capped mountains and more can all be found in this dramatic place. Image credit Jopet Sy