Vienna Offering Sausage Tours

It might be clichéd to talk about Vienna’s sausages, but the city does have some of the best on offer, and holidaymakers to Austria’s capital will find that there’s a lot of quality and variety to be sampled from its 157 sausage stands. So popular are Vienna’s würst (the Austrian name for the sausages), that the Vienna Tourist Board now arranges special tours through the city, taking visitors to some of the best würst stands to try out different accompaniments, types of sausage and ways of serving them. Würst stands and outlets are such a feature of Vienna that many of them are beautified in ways you would definitely not expect from a street-side food vendor, so make sure you keep your eyes open for them. With some of our luxury European river cruises giving you an afternoon to explore Vienna in your own time, trying some of the local delicacies is a great way to enrich your holiday experience. Image Credit: JorgeBRAZIL