World’s biggest marine park planned for Australia

It has been announced that Australia is to build the world’s largest marine park, which will help to both maintain the country’s stunning waters and offer a wonderful new attraction for any visitors to the area to explore. It is believed that the reserve will stretch around an incredible 1.2 million square mile area, taking in landmarks such as the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Sea. Discussing the proposal, Australian environment minister Tony Burke said that the new marine park would protect a number of endangered species, such as the blue whale and green turtle, and limit the potentially damaging effects of oil and gas exploration. With some fantastic tours of Australia now available on which travellers can explore the Great Barrier Reef and everything else that this fantastic country has to offer, there can be no doubt that taking a trip ‘down under’ is one of the most exciting ways possible to enjoy an exotic break. Image credit: Paul Toogood (