Air New Zealand to promote the Hobbit on flights

Those flying to New Zealand with New Zealand Airlines from the UK and USA in the next 2 years will be treated to some Hobbit fun aboard the flight. The Airline has signed a 2 year deal with New Line cinema and MGM to promote the upcoming Hobbit movies, due out December 2012 and 2013. Passengers will be travelling aboard a specially decorated version of their Boeing 777-300 and will be watching a Hobbit themed safety video. To help ensure the two Hobbit movies were made in New Zealand, the government offset a reported $10 million in marketing costs for Warner Bros, the parent company of MGM and New Line Cinema. It is hoped that interest in the movies and the locations they were filmed in will provide a huge boost to tourism in this stunning country. Air New Zealand is one of five airlines you can choose to fly with at no extra cost as you head off on your New Zealand tours. Image credit: Follash