Amsterdam home to new Tattoo Museum

Amsterdam is a hotpot of cultural experience and as such it is a city frequently visited on European river cruises. The city is full of intriguing sites, and a new museum arrival has plenty to add to that. The Amsterdam Tattoo Museum is one of the newest museums in the city and it displays examples of the artwork that are both beautiful and macabre. The collection takes a fascinating approach to the art form, displaying painful looking tribal tattooing tools with accompanying pictures of early tattoo designs and methods. Other fascinating exhibits include the slightly disturbing jars of pickled skin which display some interesting tattoo examples, photos of painted ladies, sailors and a collection of miniature circus banners. On the top floor there is even a working tattoo parlour where a group of tattoo artists can ink the skin of any visitor who would like to add a little decoration to their appearance, a fascinating experience for spectators too. The museum is well worth a visit, presenting itself as a colourful addition to the group of intriguing specialist museums already in Amsterdam. Image credit: tattoo_Lover (