Australia benefits from new Jetstar routes

Head officials of Tourism Australia believe that new airline routes in Japan will boost visitor numbers to the country. Jetstar has launched a new route to link secondary cities to cities with gateway airports, such as Tokyo. This move will make it easier for Japanese tourists to get onto an international flight to Australia, hopefully increasing visitor numbers to the area. The Japanese already rate the country highly as a holiday destination since Japan is the fifth largest source of tourists to Australia. On top of that, visitor numbers from the Asian country have grown by 7.5% since the beginning of 2012. Andrew McEvoy is the managing director of Tourism Australia and is looking forward to seeing the effects of Jetstar’s new routes, stating that it would “enable us to access new customers” and increase tourist numbers even more. Japan recognises that Australia is a country full of beautiful sights and intriguing culture. We offer Australia tours that allow you to take in all of this whilst travelling in complete luxury for a fantastic holiday experience. Image credit: David McKelvey (