Australia declares new Protected Area

Australia has recently declared its largest IPA, Indigenous Protected Area, as the Southern Tanami, a 10 hectare piece of desert land with a diverse wildlife. $1.6 million of Federal Government money and $500,000 from the Federal Conservancy has been given to fund care of the area for the next two years. The Southern Tanami is one of Australia’s most untouched and sensitive ecosystems, housing threatened species such as the bilby and the great desert mole. As part of the scheme to protect the area both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians will work together, providing their unique perspectives concerning care of the land. They will jointly manage threats such as fire and invasive species to protect the delicate eco-system that makes one of Australia’s most untouched areas so strikingly beautiful. The Southern Tanami is just one of the interesting and beautiful areas available to explore on Australia tours and on our tours we take visitors to some of the most stunning areas of the country, all in the lap of luxury. Image credit: Tamsin Slater (